• Sometimes I wish the people who ask for nannies would think about what they can afford and THEN make their demands. Seriously.. if you ask for a nanny who has every qualification under the sun but only want to pay them 5-10 dollars an hour .
  • Sometimes I just wanna send them a message that says ” Dear so and so , Do you know that the more qualifications a nanny has the more they are worth. Please for the love of God stop trying to under pay me!” 
  • Sometimes I want to send a letter to all those paranoid moms that NO I don’t want your much older married husband. Just because you hear about some nannies being homewrecking strumpets does not mean all of us want your used up husband.
  • Sometimes I want to find every nanny that HAS slept with their married employer and slap them silly.

That’s not all of it but it is all I can say since the rest of it would take another three hours and I have class.