• The name is runawayflowerchild, flowerchild to you. 
  • I’m sincerely addicted to wattpad.
  • I’m an extreme kdrama watcher although 2013 was not my favorite kdrama or kpop year.
  • Fangirls make me feel murderous things..extremely muderous things
  • Food in my mind is the answer to world peace, then again so is Lee Min Ho so take my words with a grain of salt unlessss you too are an extreme fan of LMH’s dreamy face. 
  • I love fashion and if I can get it at a discount I love it even more!! That being said don’t you ever suggest any item that is over $50.00 especially if it’s a skirt.
  • Oh and in real life I’m a nanny who’s studying to be a doctor 
  • Also in my mind the wonderful eatyourkimchi crew can do no wrong.  Mostly cause they got Spudgy!
  • Anymore questions? Inbox me.

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