My Love For Cantabile Tomorrow

http:// I can say is that this show is life to me. Seriously I mean I know I have other obligations in life, better things to do with my time, but frankly I don’t give a damn this show has made me fall in love with Joo Won. Even though I watched Ojakkyo Brothers I hated who he was couple with and the storyline so it made him completely undesirable to me. I know I know it’s fickle and I  should be shot and blah, blah, blah but once again I don’t care ( this seems to be a recurring theme in my life). I’m rambling a bit here but that in itself means a lot because I rarely get excited for any dramas anymore, but my slump is OVER!

Anyway I say all this to say that whoever is crazy enough to read this should also be crazy enough to watch the show.