• Sometimes I wish the people who ask for nannies would think about what they can afford and THEN make their demands. Seriously.. if you ask for a nanny who has every qualification under the sun but only want to pay them 5-10 dollars an hour .
  • Sometimes I just wanna send them a message that says ” Dear so and so , Do you know that the more qualifications a nanny has the more they are worth. Please for the love of God stop trying to under pay me!” 
  • Sometimes I want to send a letter to all those paranoid moms that NO I don’t want your much older married husband. Just because you hear about some nannies being homewrecking strumpets does not mean all of us want your used up husband.
  • Sometimes I want to find every nanny that HAS slept with their married employer and slap them silly.

That’s not all of it but it is all I can say since the rest of it would take another three hours and I have class. 


Meechin Endings

Recently My Love From Another Star has ended. That drama left me questioning what the blazes is going on in this world. Let me go back and say that I enjoyed was absolutely obsessed with the show so much so that I set aside a day to binge watch the last three weeks worth of episodes.  After much soul searching and many hours of screams, shouts, yells, curses, grumblings, and irritation the only thing I can say is WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. HELL!!

The wormhole excuse made me want to tear out the writers hair and I’m not sure if it was because it reminded me too much of The Time Traveler’s wife or what. I don’t think it was a waste of time I’m just highly disappointed  I might have done better with  a “christmas miracle” ending. I’m gonna go wallow some more.  In the meantime…. 🙂

Welcome many and any!

I don’t know what the bloop I’m doing but herre we go! I’m a bit of an oddball, I constantly burst into song whether it’s in person or via internet hope thats okay with you if it isn’t ehhh… away fast as you can. If you are ok with it let the fun begin!!!!!!! How I Feel